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Airline ARD-N-03
— производитель: Airline (Эирлайн)
— модель: ARD-N-03
— радар-детектор с лазерным приемником
— диапазоны: K, Ka, Ku, X, Ultra-K, Ultra-X
— режимы: "Город", "Трасса"
— поддержка POP
— артикул К00-2041

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Сегодня у нас на тесте радар-детектор с лазерным приемником Airline ARD-N-03 от популярного производителя Эирлайн. Подробный обзор читайте и смотрите ниже, сейчас только скажу, что эта модель поддерживает диапазоны K, Ka, Ku, X, Ultra-K, Ultra-X в режимах "Город", "Трасса". Итак...
March 12, 2014 capture - Flight Radar of MAS370 March 8, 2014
*Courtesy of Flightradar24.com
Flight MH370 KUL - PEK disappeared from radar on Saturday March 8, 2014. Air Traffic Controllers lost contact with the plane at 1:30 AM. Apparently the plane changed course after Kota Baru and took a lower altitude.
The plane disappeared losing radar contact. Its last known location was reported to be 065515 North latitude and 1033443 East longitude.
This is also supported with police reports made by some East Coast residents, who claimed that they have seen huge lights and a plane flying at some 1,000 meters above sea level off Kota Baru.
*You can see the area North of the flight path Bachok - Kota Baru. This is where the new white line appears now on the Flight Path Radar. Locals on the East Coast are reported to have observed a plane flying low - not at 35,000 meters but flying at 1,000 meters off the coast of Malaysia North of the original flight path.
As reported by the Malaysian Insider online .. local people who saw the plane reported: "Huge lights" and a plane. They did not report an explosion or the plane crashing or breaking apart.

Someone changed the Online Flight Radar Tracker to show the flight somehow mysteriously ended up North of its tracked flight path. The original Flight Path showed the plane not deviating from its route towards Beijing, China.
How did the plane suddenly end up off the Coast from Bachok...
At 1,000 meters accompanied by lights?
March 12, 2014
Malaysian authorities say: The last communication received from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 suggests everything was normal on board minutes before it went missing over the South China Sea. The Air Force chief has denied reports the plane was tracked flying West towards the Malacca Strait.
Translated from Malay
In the meantime, two anglers claim also see a white light flashing believed to be from a low-flying aircraft on Saturday morning at Coast Village Jembal, Seberang Takir, Kuala Terengganu. Zaidi Mohamad, 49, said he saw a white light flashes while fishing with a friend, Jasmin Mohd Mokhtar, 46, on the beach at about 2.30 am before it disappears. said, more curious, 10 minutes later, Zaidi claimed that they also see a bright light yellow round shape for about half hour at a distance of about 10 nautical miles from the place she was fishing.A basic air traffic control tutorial for Radar Chaos: World Edition, release date April 2014. Check it out here! Possibly made by GE or Raytheon, This system was donated by Alex993cc1 and is one fascinating bit of kit!
Part 2 will be the close-ups and partial disassembly of this unit
Thanks to talon0863 for the link to the gun sight
And Ronnies07 for a link to a list of the AN-APG systems A great idea for a air defense system the Swedish military and Swedish air force. The BAMSE system is one of few systems in the world today that is developed and optimised as a de­dicated Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) missile system.
BAMSE is designed for flexible usage both for stand-alone operation as well as in networks with other sensors and weapon systems. The philosophy is to optimise system effect by having a number of fully co-ordinated firing units that together create a ground coverage for the system of more than 2,100 km2 and an effective altitude coverage of 15,000 m.
The BAMSE system has excellent built-in ECCM capabilities both in the GIRAFFE AMB surveillance radar and the unique monopulse Fire Control Radar (FCR) Automatic Command to Line Of Sight (ACLOS) missile guidance function.
To successfully meet threat scenarios, the BAMSE system has been provided with all vital capabilities for defeating the present threat and that of the foreseeable future with the following unique capabilities:
Optimised situational awarenes
A large number of SHORADS can be connected
Freedom of deployment due to elevated platforms
Short deployment time; a complete battery is combat- ready in less than lOmin
Short reloading time; all six missiles in less than 5 min
Flexible system, several MCCs controlled by one GIRAFFE AMB
Embedded simulator in every unit
Maintenance-free missiles
Extensive BITE for every unit and a simplified maintenance concept
Long servicable life and Low Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
Optional C-RAM warning capability
In use
The BAMSE system is a state of the art system with several unique capabilities. The system has been developed for a conscript Army with the strong requirement for easy operation and maintenance. The BAMSE system has extensive Built in Test Equipment (BITE), which minimises the need for special test equipment.
The BAMSE system has been delivered to the Swedish Army air defence. The BAMSE system is developed to have high redundancy where every single missile launcher has the capability to combat targets without any connection to an external information source or higher command.
The BAMSE system has unique high altitude coverage and is effective with maintained high missile manoeuvrability at 15,000 m altitude. Every single missile launcher has C2 capabilities. The BAMSE system has high survivability with ballistic protection on every missile launcher and outstanding ECCM capabilities. The BAMSE system has the possibility to have integrated IFF on every missile launcher in order to further strengthen the possibility to act as autonomous units, if necessary.
The BAMSE system has been specially developed to combat small and fast targets as well as low flying cruise missiles and UAVs.
The RBS 23, designated BAMSE, is a Swedish medium range, all-weather capable air defense system developed by Bofors and Ericsson (now both in the Saab group). BAMSE is designed for protection of military facilities, ground forces and high value infrastructures. It is intended to operate against very small and fast targets such as attack missiles, anti-radiation missiles, UAVs and cruise missiles. It can also engage high altitude flying targets. On their web site,[1] Saab mention ground coverage of more than 1,500 km?, altitude coverage of 15,000 m and range out to 20 km.
The system consists of a Surveillance and Control Centre (SCC) and two to four Missile Control Centers (MCC). The missile control center trailers are located up to 20 km away from the SCC and interconnected via a cable or radio communications (up to 15 km).
Surveillance and Control Center[edit]
The SCC is operated by a crew of one or two. It comprises an Ericsson GIRAFFE Radar 3D surveillance radar with an antenna mast of 8 to 13 meters. It is used for threat evaluation, combat coordination, with target acquisition, identification, tracking and prioritisation.[2] The SCC can coordinate up to four missile control centres. The system has a built-in simulation capability to carry out training.
Missile control center[edit]
The missile control center trailer depends on transportation vehicles which also carry additional missiles for reloading operations. The center is protected against fragments and nuclear, biological and chemical threats. It has two computer stations and is operated by one or two persons.[2] It comprises a Ka-band fire control radar with an 8 meters mast, IRST (infrared sensor for surveillance and tracking), IFF system, six ready-to-fire BAMSE missiles, and weather sensors. The MCC can be deployed in 10 minutes and complete reload of a MCC takes less than 4 minutes.
The missile used by the RBS 23 system is based on the RBS 70,[3] but unlike its predecessor (which is laser beam rider) it is a radar command control missile, which means that the missile itself and the target have to be tracked by the fire control radar until impact.Click to follow Britney Spears on Spotify:
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